Sunday, 28 February 2010


Been very busy this weekend,although having time for the form study which has now become a ritual,the blog has taken a back seat as to postings. Still 3 out of 5 outright winners and 4 out of 5 trades within the 5 selections has proved that the form book with that little artistic impression does not lie.

Todays results cannot be fulfilled properly as for some reason the IR lows have not been published and i wasn't around during racing to take notes.
2:50 Kempton  Val C BSP 7.33 was matched at 10% on this one as wasn't particularly strong and nearly swayed back to Turf Time.

3:55 Kempton Kipchak BSP 6.08  Won  - 20% on this one as the race set up was spot on for this selection.

4:55 Kempton Gallantry BSP 7 Won -  Was quite surprised by the price here and with being hold up only played for 10%

Will be back on later with a look at Wolverhampton tomorrow.

Thanks for the encouraging comments - keep them coming.

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