Thursday, 14 January 2010

A good day so far

Apologies for not posting up the prices pre racing but i am sure if anybody followed the musing they will have had a good day so far.

Turf Time was on at 6  's out at 4 traded as low as 2.88

Copper King was on at 7.8 out at 5 traded as low as 1.98

Ponting was on at 7 out at 4.5 this one won .

Stolt was on at 5 out at 3 this was as low as it traded

With Triska still to run   i could be in for a good day , as you can see from the above. profit was taken from all the back to lays . It is up to the individual as to what price they set their lay at  as with 3 of the above alot more could have been extracted on the lay side. In summary it is best to guarantee a profit rather than not be matched.

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