Saturday, 6 February 2010

Review of Lingfield

4 Easy trades today , just to keep the blog  ticking over ......................

1:25 Lingfield Ever Cheerful  BSP 34 low IR 7

2:30 Lingfield  Woolston Ferry BSP 13.84 low IR 9.6

3:35 Lingfield Wotashirtfull BSP 8 low IR 5

4:10 Lingfield Buxted BSP 5 won.

Will be on later for a look at tomorrow ...........

Saturday - A look at Lingfield

Will attempt to put a few up for Lingfield - just the one meeting today.  I noticed earlier on today some knowledgeable people are starting to take note of front runners on the All weather, whether in the long term this will affect prices or not, but i suspect there is a fair bit already factored in.

1:25 Lingfield A few usual suspects in this race with Goodbyecash and Dickie Le Davoir but in Ever Cheerful i have found one that will lead has c&d form and may give a good account of itself , hopefully get a double figure price and a two point trade.

2:30 Lingfield A strange one here in that there seems to be a few at the wrong distance. Was going to opt for Cavalry Guard who undoubtedly sees out the mile but his mile runs on AW have been atrocious to say the least , Lord Deevert looks up against it stepped up to this distance after fading over 7f last time. If either of the afore mentioned win i would be surprised , so two out of the equation.The safe option would be Murrin but is a hold up horse and will probably be too short to give me any leeway. So  Woolston Ferry who tried the aggressive approach last time over 9f and just couldn't quicken at the sharp end of the race is my pick,in that i am hoping he gets up with the pace again . Should be a decent price for a small trade again.

3:35 Lingfield In Wotashirtfull we have a sprinter that likes to go from the front , interesting pipe opener last time when he was ridden at the front until blowing up 1f out. Not saying he is upto winning this but will be at the forefront throughout. Price check in morning.

4:10 Interesting little race this one with Blue Bajan obviously being kept on the go on the AW , waiting for the better ground for hurdling. On his day could take this after his blow out over 9f last time , this is more his distance and realistically is the class horse in the race.Buxted could be anything and won on his debut well will be short in the betting.With the form of Johnston at the moment would think Kings Salute will be short too. This all leads me back to Blue Bajan as we may get a value price here for a couple of points trade.

And that seems to be that Gluck with your bets and play intelligently.

Footie Treble   Man U  Leeds  Rotherham


Friday, 5 February 2010


A steady evening ....................

5:35 Brooklands Bay i took 6.4 out at 4.4 went as low as 3.8 IR

6:35 Supercast i took 44 out at 30 went as low as 20 IR

7:05 Figaro Flyer i took 13 out at 10 went as low as 8 IR

Will be on later with a look at tomorrow.............

Wolverhampton Tonight

Missed all the afternoon racing after problems with car getting through MOT , here are tonights selections.

5:35 Brooklands Bay Will improve for handicap debut should run a  strong race 2 point trade

6:35 Super Cast usually up with the pace, c&d form have a feeling this will run well

7:05 Figaro Flyer showed a return to form last time, usually mid div then comes at the end , will look for a double figure price to play with..


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Review of the Day

Played it safe today just taking 2 points from each trade as needed to consolidate,probably missed out on a bit more profit but luckily got out of the Justcallmehandsome one before going IR. Backs to Lay have such a fine line between success and failure , you have got to control the greed.

2:00 Southwell  Lily Grove  BSP 7.37 low IR 3.55

4:00 Southwell  Cape Royal BSP 9.2 low IR 3.7

4:30 Southwell  Mister Incredible BSP 8.76 low IR 3.55

4:50 Wolverhampton Carnival Dream BSP 42 low IR 11.5

5:20 Kempton Justcallmehandsome BSP 11.35 never went lower IR

6:20 Kempton My Mirasol BSP 23.3 low IR 13

Will not be on again tonight will do tomorrows selections pre lunch tomorrow..........

All matched up

Carnival Dream went as low as 11.5 IR, Great to see Wyatt Earp run such a good race.

Update on 4 and 4.30 later

Have taken the 30 on Carnival out at 20 Gluck

Site Down Again but API still running

2:00 Southwell  Lily Grove was on @ 6.6 out at 4.6

Job Done and a good start.

Betfair Down

This is now becoming a problem , they must have some serious issues with the site and the platform it is run upon for this problem to keep arising.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Southwell & Wolverhampton for the 4 th

Two cards again , hope to find a few, here goes-

2:00 Southwell Lily Grove is of interest on her handicap debut back down to 7f today after finding 9f too far in her 3 maidens. Has been ridden prominently in all her races so far so should prove a viable back to lay.

4:00  Southwell In Cape Royal i see a horse that is dropped down a class and running well in class 5 last time, likes to lead and if i can get a playable price is a definite back to lay, the only worry here is the course,as most of its good form is elsewhere.

4:30 Southwell Plenty of seconditis in this field which has made me look for a bit of value here and in Mister Incredible i am hoping to have found some. He has c&d form and what makes him a bit of a standout in this context was only 2l off Albero Di Giuda last time which to me is good recent form.He is a hold up horse and his overall form is poor but hopefully the last run was a sign of things to come.

4:50 Kempton Have you ever seen a tactical 5f race ?? Struggled to find anything to add pace to the race with nearly all the runners being hold up horses. Raimond Ridge back to form last time and could still have more to come. Dickie Le Davoir needs pace to come off. So this in my mind is how it looks , Carnival Dream usually travels mid div but is inclined to pull so hoping they give her, her head and let her go off infront . I would think at the prices she probably offers the value but is not the most reliable. A decision will be made tomorrow when the market is formed.

5:20 Kempton If a double figure price can be secured on Justcallmehandsome he will be my selection for a couple of points trade in this race. Likes to lead has c&d form and will be upfront to near the finish all the ingredients for a price drop.

6:20 Kempton One would expect Kirstys Lad to be a strong favourite for this race considering the form of  his last run.In his last 3 runs he has done the job for the blog but i suspect as mentioned his price will be restrictive.Looking elsewhere a horse that is dropped back to 9f for the first time in 4 runs and a drop in class is My Mirasol  she likes to lead and has c&d form a good option in my opinion although after 349 days off you have to hope she is fit.But the price should reflect this and if she leads,drop anyway even if out for the run.

That's the lot for tonight Gluck , and hope to be on tomorrow.


19:30 Update

Clever Omneya matched up and went 2.3 IR
See That Girl unmatched 

Lost a bit there but the good day compensates for that , in hindsight probably should have taken note of the massive drift - but they do win sometimes.

Will have a look at tomorrow later

19:30 Kempton

Taken 7.2 on Clever Omneya out at 5

Looking for 9 on See That Girl as its on the drift out at 7.


19:00 Kempton

Job done on Pavement Games went out to 8 pre off  went as low as 1.6 IR

19:00 Kempton

Taken the 6 on Pavement Games out at 4 . Gluck

Scraped in on the 5:30

Glamorous Spirit BSP 6.36 low IR 4.30

Peak District  BSP 4.2 low IR 2.1

Easily Done

Whodunit went as low as 5 IR  so matched up very early which is a relief.

See you later for Kempton.

An Amazing Day So Far

Have just traded these for 10 ticks today placing the bets with use of a bot and then laying off with Gruss so i could stay in bed and get some shut eye. I'm glad i did as watching green out and then having a 30 and 13/1 winner would have been a bit galling.............

12:40 Lingfield Catholic Hill   BSP 15 low IR 3.15

1:10 Lingfield   Titus Gent  BSP 4.75 low IR 3.5

2:15  Lingfield   Sarahs Art  BSP 13.5  won
                         Trafalgar Square  BSP 8.32 low IR 7.6

2:50 Lingfield   Gaily Noble  BSP 29.4 won
                        Sunshine Always  BSP 4.70 low IR 3.5

Onto the 4 oclock as i have turned the bot off. Will watch this race and then be on for Kempton.

4:00 Lingfield  Whodunit on at 13 out at 10



Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A look at Lingfield and Kempton for the 3 rd

Found a few of interest , here goes -

12:40 Lingfield  An interest is shown here in Catholic Hill won a class 6 classified in october a touch cosily although the distance 1l says otherwise, had a couple of inocuous runs over hurdles in november,then came back 10 days ago in a class 5. This run showed that he likes to be up with the pace and reading into the run looks as though he blew up 2f out, this may now have put him spot on for a good run in this class 6. Hoping for a double figure price to work with.

1:10 Linfield  In Titus Gent we have a bit of an old favourite that dropped back into this company from class5 may prove a plus. Can run both ways lead up or held up , hope for a blast from the front for a two point trade, price allowing.

2:15 Lingfield I would think there will be plenty of pace on here with Striker Torres going for his hat-trick, a hold up horse that is of interest and well upto winning in this class is Sarahs Art who after winning a 6f class 5 ran last time as though 7f would be well within his compass.A bigger priced one of interest would be Trafalgar Square who has plenty of form in higher grades but fitness would have to be taken on trust.

2:50 Lingfield Sunshine Always was probably held up for too long last time closing on winner hand over fist at the end and a recovery mission is on the cards today. 1lb better off for that 1/4 of a length i would expect him to run well. One that i hope would lead ,as he has done in previous races, is Gaily Noble held up last time and ran no sort of race . With a double figure price and an uncontested lead could give me an opportunity not to be missed. May double trade this, a price check will be required.

4:00 Lingfield Whodunit ran well over c&d last time in a class 5 down to class 6,likes to lead should give me a chance to pinch a couple of points.

5:30 Kempton Glamorous Spirit likes to lead up narrowly third last time in a class 3 down to class 4 today will give me an opportunity to trade a few hopefully another that likes to be up with the pace is Wotashirtful this could spell a chance for a hold up horse of these we have Absa Lutte who is on top of her game and in Peak District a horse that is well upto winning this and interestingly was given a tender ride when meeting trouble last time. I think out of the four named above but only 3 highlighted and from a back to lay perspective i will opt for Glamorous Spirit. But may double trade with Peak District.

7:00 Kempton Pavement Games showed enough last time to suggest with the given improvement and fitness will run a good race here . Always up with the pace should provide an angle for a point or two.

7:30 Kempton I put up Clever Omneya last time and she did the blog proud by winning , think she may go very close to defying her penalty but will obviously be fairly short. An alternative could be See That Girl whose form figures are not inspiring but in finishing 5 th over the distance last time showed some improvement on her 2nd handicap outing being only 2 1/4 lengths off the winner at the end. A value price could be on offer on this one.

I think that should be enough for any readership that i have for the day.I hope that some of you out there are making a few pennies out of my ramblings and if so that is brilliant as the whole purpose of the blog is to force me to read form and try and find some value back to lays , it appears recently i have been digging out a few value winners also.

Once again will try to get on tomorrow pre racing although it is time consuming when i need to be at my concentrative best.



A good day , was unable to get on pre racing as car MOT got in the way. If there is one thing to be said about Blogging it is time consuming. So is car maintenance.

2:30 Young Gladiator  BSP 9.23  Won

3:30 Poets Place BSP 2.04 Won 

4:00 Royal Torbo  unmatched

4:30 House Red  BSP 6.01 went as low as 2.32

Will be on later with a look at Wednesday.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Quick Peek at Southwell Tomorrow

Working nights this week so will be posting the backs to lay up a little earlier , hopefully be on pre racing.

2:30 Southwell One that stands out here is Young Gladiator without a recent run but on his last in November was an unlucky second over 7f in a class 6 , his 2 runs previous were in Class 5 and looks as though this 6f is set up for his style of running.Likes to lead and sees out 7f so should go lower IR will price check in the morning.

3:30 Southwell Poets Place could be anything and will take a chance with this one , did it easily over c&d when winning his maiden by 4l. The only problem here is he could be exceedingly short so will have to check on this tomorrow.Charles Parnell now back to form is another option , although he is a hold up horse is well below his best mark and has c&d form.

4:00 Southwell  Royal Torbo is the selection here but a bit of caution is taken as there are a couple of newcomers  from decent yards . In Royal Torbo though we have a horse that led up and came second over 9f last time so will see out this mile. May get a decent price to play with depending on the vibes about the Johnston horse.

4:30 Southwell A tentative one in this race is the Hills horse House Red another that led last time over 9f ,failing by a length and a quarter,dropped back to the mile today could see him in a better light. Probably just trade for a point  here depending on price.

Thats it for tonight and Gluck tomorrow

Well Happy

Smalljohn wins and profit taken

16:20 / 16:50

Only went to 5.5 IR  so unmatched there.

Got to go out now so on Smalljohn at 9's out at 6 Gluck

16:20 Wolverhampton

Will attempt to get 6.2 on Tiger Hawk out at 4  Gluck

Job Done

When will i learn to wait could have had 9 on that pre race , then went on to win . I suppose profit is profit as i would have still layed off higher.

2:40 Wolverhampton

Have taken the 6.4 on Albero out at 4.4    Gluck

Backs to Lay for Monday

I really struggled to bring myself to read the form in the first two races as on top of low handicaps they are also amateur riders races so the ifs and buts are multiplied. Here goes -

2:40 A successful one for me last time in Albero Di Giuda likes to be prominent has the c&d form will probably trade a couple if i can get 6 or 7's.

4:20 The question in this race is, what will improve for the step up in distance ? Tiger Hawk has already ran over this trip and fared moderately but should lead, could today be his day ? Brenda Duke has probably the best AW form but i fail to see her getting this trip. A Johnston horse that showed nothing on its handicap debut , but what does that mean these days.All in all i think i will stick with Tiger Hawk hope for a playable price.

4:50 Smalljohn is of interest here likes to lead two seconds last two runs albeit in class 6 . May get a double figure price here to play with. Have a feeling Forward Feline may be getting involved at the end , after racing over too far last time. Will have a look pre race.

Well bit of an awkward card really as it's the only one will have to do. Hopefully on pre racing.


Sunday, 31 January 2010

Job Done

Alqaahir hit 3.55 IR  so easily matched up and Erinjay won like one for the notebook will improve again for that.......

Back on later with a look at Monday.

16:55 Kempton

I have chosen Alqaahir here as fav is a bit short . Have backed to lay Alqaahir @ 8.4  out at 5.



Cuthbert drifted like a barge pre off out to about 5.8 ( bit of patience again ) went as low as 3.55 IR  Unmatched here. But if just waiting and taking the 5.8 and out at 4 would have got the required profit , when will i learn.

16:25 Kempton

On Cuthbert @ 4.8 out at 3

R Woody 2:55

Does the business again going as low as 1.41 IR

3 Picks, Back to Lay, Kempton for Sunday

2:55 Kempton R Woody is fast becoming one of my stalwarts at the moment beaten into second but going under even money IR the last two runs . I will wade in again here but only for a point or two as the price i would think will be restrictive.

4:25 Kempton Cuthbert led up last time in a class 4 and won , down to class 5 today . Again would think the price will be short . Try and get a bit of value out of this one.

4:55 Kempton With Wigham having plenty of runners on the AW  i would think Erinjay will be fit for his handicap debut . This horse could be anything and i will keep a close eye on the market. In  Alqaahir we have a horse that likes to be up with the pace , was only beaten a short head over 9f last time after leading inside the final 1f. Will take both horses named into consideration tomorrow.

Will be on the mens tennis final going to 5 sets don't mind who wins.

Quick Review

In and out day, with Mint Whip being a non runner only played on the remaining 4 selections.

2:45 Imprimis Tagula SP 9.86 low IR 8.6 unmatched

3:20 Thunderball SP 5.01 won

3:55 Mafeking SP 5.6 low IR 4.7 despite being within 1/2 l of the winner

4:25 Make Amends SP 60 low IR 11.2 this one gave me the most satisfaction as i was shocked to see such a big price and nearly put off.

Have sifted through the Kempton card  for tomorrow a possible 3 at the moment will update in a bit.....