Saturday, 13 March 2010


Clean Sweep, nothing went particularly low but all matched up.

2:15 Wolverhampton Souters Sister BSP 17 low IR 13.5

3:25 Wolverhampton Black Dahlia BSP 12.95 low IR 9.4

4:35 Wolverhampton Ebraam BSP 16.73 low IR 12  available as high as 25 ( 5 mins from off ) i recorded a low of 8.1

Day off tomorrow as no All Weather,be back for Monday.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wolverhampton for Saturday

Three for today as chances are few and far between . Backs to lay for your percentage play.

2:15 Wolverhampton An interest is shown in Souter's Sister here as feel it is quite a mediocre listed race and she ran well in a conditions race in her comeback from 16 months off. Previous to this she was easily upto this class as a two year old, but has obviously been injured.Yet showed last time she retains some of her ability.Although usually held up , with Mr Botti in fine form, and the fillies allowance ,looks a 10% back to lay.

3:25 Wolverhampton I cannot imagine why Black Dahlia has been dropped back into handicap company, when it is plainly obvious that they can win some black type in a weak listed race somewhere in the future.My thinking on the situation is that they think that she can win it, as a run round to aquire a lower mark is not essential, and therefore the 10's + on offer is terrific value and will be a decent back to lay.

4:35 Wolverhampton Quite a tight handicap here and i just feel Ebraam is on a mark where he could be in contention got a decent draw if he is ridden prominently , but can also be held up.The booking of Jimmy Fortune looks a positive and i would think a good double figure price should be available.

Have a great day and keep your bank intact for the weeks ahead ....




My own bullish nature won the day today , a little peeved that Chjimes was pulled (the draw,the draw). So went to town on the last selection matching at 40+ and getting out at 10.

6:20 Wolverhampton Moonlight Serenade BSP 16.75 low IR 16.5 traded out pre off

7:50 Wolverhampton Justcallmehandsome BSP 20.73 low IR 4.10 i recorded a low of 3.1 for £74

Back on later with a look at Wolverhampton for Saturday.........

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wolverhampton for Friday

Three as promised, should all be double figure prices and hopefully easy to get the required percentage.

Backs to lay for your percentage play .............

5:50 Wolverhampton Two runs back now after a break nice little livener in a claimer last time , have an inkling Chjimes will run well tonight, likes to be prominent  and is well weighted on some of his best form. Negative being the draw hoping his prominent style can overcome this. May just have a squeak as 1,2,3&4 are all hold up which increases his chances. Double figure would be required and shouldn't be a problem as alot is made of the draw here.

6:20 Wolverhampton Moonlight Serenade has a 5lb pull for 5 and a 1/4 lengths on her last meeting with Turf Time over c&d and although this doesn't put her infront it puts her closer and as a prominent racer at a decent price is the selection in the hope she has been hiding her quality at home.Minimum trade.

7:50 Wolverhampton Justcallmehandsome back down to last winning mark , which happened to be over c&d, is the one here. A front runner on his best form , a negative in the draw again but hopefully the mile should negate this. Double figures for 15% trade.




A small profit turned , bot took too low a price on Hart Of Gold to get matched. That's always costly

2:20 Southwell Tealing BSP 9.32 low IR 8.4

3:55 Southwell Punching BSP 4.46 low IR 1.31

4:30 Southwell Hart Of Gold BSP 4.46 low IR 4.6 unmatched

5:00 Southwell Taper Jean Girl BSP 12.98 low IR 5.3

6:00 Wolverhampton Orchard Supreme BSP 4.86 Won

7:30 Wolverhampton Royal Acclamation BSP 5.51 low IR 2.24

8:00 Wolverhampton Smalljohn BSP 3.53 low IR 3   available 4 + and traded out pre off

Back on later with a look at Wolverhampton with a possible three.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Southwell and Wolverhampton for Thursday

In- house job interview tomorrow so need an early night, apologies for the lack of explanation behind the picks, but if i started to "rattle on"wouldn't have them up until gone midnight .Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

2:20 Southwell  Tealing

3:55 Southwell  Punching

4:30 Southwell  Hart Of Gold

5:00 Southwell  Taper Jean Girl

6:00 Wolverhampton Orchard Supreme

7:30 Wolverhampton Royal Acclamation

8:00 Wolverhampton  Smalljohn




Considering the time put in studying will put today down as a loss,although a v.small profit was made overall.
Profit is profit , but doesn't feel that way when you spend time to see your work nearly go under in the first race. Here are the results -

4:00 Lingfield  Phai Mai Blue BSP 3.94 low IR 1.91       Bollywood Style BSP 28.5 low IR 34 Made a mistake by trading both , loss on the race. Even though 4 lengths covered 10 horses.

4:30 Lingfield Jord BSP 8.8 low IR 5.6

5:00 Lingfield Vhujon BSP 4.55 low IR 2 All 4 you could have made 20% + on.

6:30 Wolverhampton Ishia Dancer BSP 7.26 low IR 7.2 freely avalable 8+ pre off.

8:00 Wolverhampton Alqaahir BSP 14 low IR 2.44

8:30 Wolverhampton Corrib BSP 30 low IR 24         Almatlaie BSP 123.79 low IR 95 double trade for pennies. Sworn Tigress proving that she could be anything.          

Will be on later with a look at Southwell and Wolverhampton...........                                                           

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Lingfield and Wolverhampton for Wednesday

Three from each , Backs to lay for your percentage play.....

4:00 Lingfield Felt as though Saddlers Bend had found her level last time but will again be prominent and with Louisade ( who went close today ) and Top Flight Splash ( close off this mark last twice ) in the race value can be found elsewhere. One that interests me today is Bollywood Style usually runs prominent and given a chance by the handicapper after being hampered and left short of room last time over 6f. Back to 7f today and with Saddlers Bends pace for a tow along should give a good account of herself. May double trade with Phai Mai Blue here as it came back to form last time and as a horse who likes to come off the pace may be suited by conditions.

4:30 Lingfield King Canute looks the obvious improver and led nearly all the way last time , but may not have it all his own way today off this lifetime high mark.Lopinot looks a miler and hasn't really ran a good race over 7f for an age.I think i will side with Jord here as is on a decent mark , likes to run prominently and has ran better than form figures suggest.Will look for a double figure price.

5:00 Lingfield With Sherjawy and Wotashirtfull guaranteed to set a good pace upfront i am hoping that Vhujon can optimise his decent mark. Wotashirtfull still above last winning mark, Sherjawy wrong at the weights and be very surprised if winning and Step It Up still above last winning mark are all capable and realistically with such a small field anyone of the runners could probably be used for a small percentage trade.

6:30 Wolverhampton Ishia Dancer looks a good back to lay here , with Cheviot likely to be short despite his seasonal debut. The selection likes to lead and despite a rise in the weights the conditions of the race set up indicate a price drop IR .

8:00 Wolverhampton Alqaahir still looks on a winnable mark could get an easy lead in this field and was suited by the distance and only beaten a head last time over c&d , and is only slightly higher in the weights.With a number of ponderables about the other runners a decent run looks on the cards.

8:30 Wolverhampton Sworn Tigress could be anything and the rise in weight may not stop her.Kirsty's Lad likes to lead and will give the Tigress something to think about upfront. Two that i will play here, only for small stakes, are Almatlaie and Corrib .Both hold up and on marks where they can play a hand.




Good day up until the last  ................

2:10 Southwell Spic N Span BSP 5.24 low IR 2.22

4:10 Southwell  Madison Belle BSP 8.4 Won

4:40 Southwell  Moyazada BSP 10.61  low IR 10

5:10 Southwell Vogarth BSP 42.81 low IR 12

5:40 Southwell Royal Envoy BSP 20.90 no lower IR (23)

Back on later with a look at Lingfield and Wolverhampton.

A look at Southwell for Tuesday..

Reading through the form of this card was like pulling teeth tonight and a word of caution to anybody playing these selections. Keep it minimal there will be better days and to be truthful i will play these as i see fit come race time as it really is an awful card.

Five for today that i have eeked out ... Backs to lay for your percentage play.

2:10 Southwell Will be interesting to see how short Hitches Dubai is ? But after a 216 day lay off could be a tad ring rusty and was well beaten off a similar mark on his handicap debut.Sir Nod won well on his seasonal debut and is still on a mark that he can be competitive on. Where's Reiley although loving the course and on an upward trend looks high enough in the weights now, First Swallow 8lb better off for a length. The selection here is Spic N Span a horse that likes to be prominent has the c&d form and won off this mark back in July. A very competitive starter , one in which a 10% trade would be my maximum play and would want a double figure price.

4:10 Southwell Looks like Fuzzy Cat will be favourite for this , but an interest is shown in Madison Belle back down to 6f likes to lead has the c&d form and a scan of her form shows that her last three 6f handicaps here have produced an 8th off a much higher mark, a 4l seventh and a win off a similar mark to today. Not inspiring but the booking of Hanagan looks a plus. Again 10% trade on what looks a decent back to lay.

4:40 Southwell Xpress Maite is dropping to a mark he will soon take advantage of , just not sure it will be over a mile and therefore is discarded today. Mozayada has been knocking on the door and remains on the same mark as last time when a length and a quarter second over c&d and in an uninspiring race is taken as the one for the back to lay.Bolodenka is the worry as his turf form is far superior to any of these.

5:10 Southwell There will come a point when Vogarth decides to put his best foot forward as he is now below his last two winning marks and the return to 7f should see him in a better light , can run both ways , has the c&d form and will be a minimal play once again.

5:40 Southwell Don't think Don Pele, although a c&d under his name, shows his best form here . Royal Envoy who can run both ways is selected in the hope he takes a prominent role in proceedings is on a mark where he should be competitive and once again a minimum trade is advised.

Very Gluck


Monday, 8 March 2010


Three pleasing results after two days off , for a confidence boosting clean sweep.

2:40 Lingfield Miss Lesley BSP 4.12  low IR 3

3:50 Lingfield Orange Pip BSP 4.5 Won

5:30 Lingfield Annia Galeria BSP 30.16 my recorded low IR 3.65 (result not in at time of post). Was also available at 35 pre off.

Back on later with a look at Southwell ............

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A look at Lingfield for Monday....

Up nice and early tonight , three from Lingfield to back to lay for your percentage play...

2:40 Lingfield There is no doubt that Miss Lesley will be prominent throughout and may even win , but the price will dictate to me regarding the trade or not . Anything 4+ plus will give me a little value.

3:50 Lingfield Funnily enough i looked at this race on Friday and now it has cut up isn't as straight forward as it was back then .......... Fine Silk and Orange Pip have both led up before , today i expect Fine Silk to lead at a fast pace with Orange Pip in it for a blow out(although if fit is weighted to be on the premises).White Shift has ran both ways before and is in form , would have a go with Fazbee but i think she will probably be favourite.The latter two horses are the hold ups really.This now leads me back to Orange Pip hopefully the price will be right and from a back to lay perspective runs the right way. On original inspection on Friday i thought the race had too much pace and was going to opt for the hold ups but now with the withdrawals have changed my opinion on the race set up.

5:30 Lingfield Duke of Rainford and Dower Glen both have a 3lb turnaround with Exceed Power on their 19th of February running.Dower for a length and Duke for 2 and a half. Dower Glen is obviously best off and as this was his seasonal reappearance you would expect him to improve and win or bounce and at the prices i will not chance it.  Annia Galeria has been dropped again and led up in that race ,has an 8lb pull for the 8+ length but was eased when beaten, if a double figure price is on offer a back to lay of her will be the play. Will probably keep an eye on Pavement Games who has been knocking on the door and finishing well each time , showing ability , you just feel her time will come.