Thursday, 21 January 2010

Southwell goes off the Playlist

1:20 Southwell Handsinthemist a lesson learnt should never have traded this as the price was too restrictive really early on, obviously drifted pre race so another example of not getting the value.

2:20 Southwell Hilbre Court i will have to apologise for even putting this on the blog just drifted and drifted.

3:50 New Couture You couldn't make it up , what can i say.

So Southwell was a total non event and very disappointing also a knock to the confidence.

4:20 Wolverhampton Djalalabad all traded out pre race so happy with that , went as low as 2.10 in running.

4:50 Wolverhampton Bel Cantor traded out in running went as low as 8's. Noticed that the price didn't go much higher than the one i took in the morning.

So 2/2 at Wolverhampton but Southwell giving me a rather hefty loss on the day.

Back on later with tomorrows views.

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