Thursday, 21 January 2010


1:20 Southwell Have taken the 4.7 on Handsinthemist as there is a steady downward curve on the graph will get out at 3

2:20 Southwell  Hilbre Court will look for 20's plus on this and get out at 15

3:50 Southwell A few peaks and troughs on the New Couture graph i am happy to take the 10 here and get out at 8.

4:20 Wolverhampton Obviously with the later races you have no idea of which way the price will go so early. Djalalabad trades at 10 at the moment on Betfair i am happy to take this and get out at 8.

4:50 Wolverhampton  Will take the 16 on Bel Cantor out at 12.

Gluck Today with your selections.......

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