Wednesday, 3 February 2010

An Amazing Day So Far

Have just traded these for 10 ticks today placing the bets with use of a bot and then laying off with Gruss so i could stay in bed and get some shut eye. I'm glad i did as watching green out and then having a 30 and 13/1 winner would have been a bit galling.............

12:40 Lingfield Catholic Hill   BSP 15 low IR 3.15

1:10 Lingfield   Titus Gent  BSP 4.75 low IR 3.5

2:15  Lingfield   Sarahs Art  BSP 13.5  won
                         Trafalgar Square  BSP 8.32 low IR 7.6

2:50 Lingfield   Gaily Noble  BSP 29.4 won
                        Sunshine Always  BSP 4.70 low IR 3.5

Onto the 4 oclock as i have turned the bot off. Will watch this race and then be on for Kempton.

4:00 Lingfield  Whodunit on at 13 out at 10



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