Monday, 1 March 2010


The first day the blog has run at a loss for a while. Anyway here are the results.

2:10 Wolverhampton Brierty BSP 3.2 low IR 1.50  Matched

3:10 Wolverhampton Boo BSP 9.8 low IR 10.5 reared at the start and was never put in race, one to watch now. Unmatched.

3:40 Wolverhampton Dhhamaan BSP 43.53 low IR 3.2 matched

5:40 Wolverhampton Wavertree Warrior BSP 6.93 low IR 6.4  matched
                                 Marjury Daw BSP 18.5  low IR 21 unmatched     played both of these at 10% each so although matched on one lost with the other and a loss overall.

On the 2-10 shift at the moment so it is hard to get the required prices when placing the bets ,  when you are live so to speak you can get the highest possible but when automated as i am when on this shift the prices taken by the bot are what you get.

Will be on later with a look at Lingfield, a possible of four....................


  1. One swallow don´t make a summer!
    One losing day don´t make you a bad judge!!

    If it aint broke!!!

    Keep your discipline!!!!

  2. Hi Svendali

    I see you quote to betfair SP. It may be a simple question but where would I find the betfair sp's for a previous days racing.

    Very stylish blog by the way. I am going to add it to my blogroll. Would you consider adding mine to yours my address is

    Good luck

  3. Hello Edgehunter,

    Nice name by the way, on the Betfair site if you press the Horseracing tab then scroll down to Results, press the full results link then results on the timeform pop up (may have to enable) this will give you all BSP and IR lows.

    Hello GGR ,

    Reassuring as always and your comments are always welcomed.

    Thanks All once again


  4. Sup

    Wow. that must be the quickest reply ever.

    Thanks again