Thursday, 4 March 2010


A steady day all matched up except for Whiskey at Kempton if i had been " live " would probably have left it as the price was too short for the size of the field. But as i am a working man, beggars cannot be choosers or something along those lines.

2:30 Wolverhampton Spoof Master BSP 10.59 low IR 3.60

5:00 Wolverhampton Kheley BSP 13.57 low IR 10.5

5:30 Wolverhampton Johnmanderville BSP 27.94 low IR 1.04 now thats a trade

6:00 Wolverhampton Laureldeans Best BSP 4.38 low IR 2

6:45 Wolverhampton Whiskey Junction BSP 5.84 low IR 5.6 dont know how far this drifted pre off ... but i was unmatched .

Be on in the morning with a look at Southwell and Wolverhampton............

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