Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Considering the time put in studying will put today down as a loss,although a v.small profit was made overall.
Profit is profit , but doesn't feel that way when you spend time to see your work nearly go under in the first race. Here are the results -

4:00 Lingfield  Phai Mai Blue BSP 3.94 low IR 1.91       Bollywood Style BSP 28.5 low IR 34 Made a mistake by trading both , loss on the race. Even though 4 lengths covered 10 horses.

4:30 Lingfield Jord BSP 8.8 low IR 5.6

5:00 Lingfield Vhujon BSP 4.55 low IR 2 All 4 you could have made 20% + on.

6:30 Wolverhampton Ishia Dancer BSP 7.26 low IR 7.2 freely avalable 8+ pre off.

8:00 Wolverhampton Alqaahir BSP 14 low IR 2.44

8:30 Wolverhampton Corrib BSP 30 low IR 24         Almatlaie BSP 123.79 low IR 95 double trade for pennies. Sworn Tigress proving that she could be anything.          

Will be on later with a look at Southwell and Wolverhampton...........                                                           

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