Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wolverhampton for Friday

Three as promised, should all be double figure prices and hopefully easy to get the required percentage.

Backs to lay for your percentage play .............

5:50 Wolverhampton Two runs back now after a break nice little livener in a claimer last time , have an inkling Chjimes will run well tonight, likes to be prominent  and is well weighted on some of his best form. Negative being the draw hoping his prominent style can overcome this. May just have a squeak as 1,2,3&4 are all hold up which increases his chances. Double figure would be required and shouldn't be a problem as alot is made of the draw here.

6:20 Wolverhampton Moonlight Serenade has a 5lb pull for 5 and a 1/4 lengths on her last meeting with Turf Time over c&d and although this doesn't put her infront it puts her closer and as a prominent racer at a decent price is the selection in the hope she has been hiding her quality at home.Minimum trade.

7:50 Wolverhampton Justcallmehandsome back down to last winning mark , which happened to be over c&d, is the one here. A front runner on his best form , a negative in the draw again but hopefully the mile should negate this. Double figures for 15% trade.




  1. Hi There,

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  2. superb call on justcallmehansome, got it at 46 and was green b4 the off

  3. Thanks wibdib,

    I too was very happy with that one :)

    and thanks for the comment.