Thursday, 28 January 2010

Busy Busy Back to Lays for Tomorrow

Busy night trading football got out green on Inter when drawing then they went and won .... Ha
Athletico match just nicked a quick couple of ticks with a big bet before half time then switched off.

Perused the Federer v Tsonga match have had a small back to lay on the +6.5 market on at 2.12 out at 1.5.So hope all goes well in the morning. 6 - 3 or 4 first set should swing it .......

Now to the racing ...................

3:25 Lingfield Ten Down is chosen over Head to Head and Sherjawy here just because of his sheer pace will lead up but i would only take a 1 to 2 point trade out of this. As in the Dvinsky , Sherjawy race at Kempton tonight they just set it up for a closer . Should get a decent price on Ten Down whereas Head to Head will imo be shortish. After The Show could be your closer .

4:00 Lingfield Again a race chock full of leaders Billy Red will probably to short for what i am looking for but in Garstang we have a horse that can be up with the pace and still stays on at the end. Price check required on the two. The closer if excessive pace could be Anne of Kiev.

6:10 Wolverhampton If i was an outright laying man Indian Skipper stands out like a sore thumb here down to 5f after winning at 7f 3 runs ago. Fen Spirit likes to be at the forefront of things and will be a small back to lay here. Small field could make it interesting here price fluctuation wise.

6:40 Wolverhampton Don Pele has caught the eye recently knocking on the door in his last few runs should go close again but will need a price to work with.

8:10 Wolverhampton Royal Society has a 3lb turn around with Grey Command for basically a length and bits on their last run likes to be handy but if we get a decent price or not is another thing. Hopefully with the size of the field we may get 8 or 9 for our back to lay

Hopefully will be back on pre selections tomorrow , patience is a virtue............ reminder to oneself.


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