Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Phone Betting

Stayed at work all day today so had to have some nifty finger work on the phone. The only horse i missed out on was Smokey Rider looking at the way it ran would have been touch and go but did lead for 3f so probably with it being such a big price would probably have pinched 5 points. The rest i was matched on just trading for 3 points on each one.
     Very pleased with the race reading again with 2 winners Whatyouwoodwishfor at BFSP 14.6 and Wedding Dream at BFSP 3.95.
I may have to just start backing them, only jesting as i am sure i will make more in the long run laying off.
Going to watch the football now with a double on Forest and Norwich that will hopefully pay off. Will be back on later with a look at tomorrow.

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