Monday, 8 February 2010

Missed out on one today

Matched up on all apart from Ishiadancer , sods law that of the other two up with the pace horses named in the preview one won and the other halved in price - thems the breaks.

Xpressmaite was taken at a much higher price than Betfair SP, so was an easy trade. Was very glad that the final race came up trumps.

2:00 Bookiesindex Boy BSP 15.31 low IR 6

3:00 Ravi River  BSP 3.90  won

3:30 Ishiadancer BSP 7.03 low IR 7

4:00 Xpressmaite BSP 15.41 low IR 14

5:30 Make Amends BSP 8.23 won

Will be on later with a look at Southwell tomorrow.

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