Friday, 12 February 2010

Price Check and Musings

1:15 Southwell Will go with Ten Pole Tudor ( currently 14 on Betfair )here as just feel Special Cuvee running style and the price plus the fact that he  usually finds one too good could go against me.

1:45 Southwell Already on Eight Hours at 6  have a feeling this may shorten.

2:55 Southwell Jazrawy  looking for high 9's / 10 on this one.

Bit too Early for the Wolverhampton prices to be taken will leave this to the bot last minute.

5:15 Wolverhampton Monsieur Reynard currently 7.4 on Betfair

6:45 Wolverhampton Shifting Star and Orpsie Boy both around the 10 mark , will double trade these.

7:45 Wolverhampton  Imperial Skylight currently 7.4

8:15 Wolverhampton Albero Di Giuda a touch short to play , Smirfys Systems currently 12

8:45 Wolverhampton Muktasb at 5 is too short for the trade on his style of running so will leave for now and hope he drifts looking for 8/9



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