Friday, 12 February 2010


Unmatched on two at the prices taken - Shifting Star and Smirfys Systems - not a bad day overall,probably shouldn't have double traded Orpsies race.

1:15 Sothwell  Ten Pole Tudor BSP 10.54 low IR 5.30

1:45 Southwell Eight Hours BSP 5.41 Won Proved correct taking the 6 early doors.

2:55 Southwell Jazrawy BSP 10.3 low IR 3

5:15 Wolverhampton Monsieur Reynard BSP 5.83 low IR 1.78

6:45 Wolverhampton Orpsie Boy BSP 5.47 (trading at 10's on price check) low IR5.60,Shifting Star BSP 11.50 low IR 10 unmatched on this one.

7:45 Wolverhampton Imperial Starlight BSP 7.35 low IR 1.2

8:15 Wolverhampton Smirfys Systems BSP 12.31 low IR 13.5

8:45 Wolverhampton Muktasb as previously mentioned did not play on this one but he still made the two points. BSP 5.40 low IR 3

On later with a look at Saturday...........................

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