Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review of the Day in a Hooverless house.

You can never trust a women to keep her meddling hands out - Mrs unplugged computer to hoover up this morning thus disabling the bot for backing the selections . So therefore missed all the Southwell selections.Not best pleased shall we say , especially with a selection of four other plugs in the room.

Apologies to any women that look in , your obviously not plug happy.

Here are the Bsp's and lows anyhow -

1:50 Southwell Patachou BSP 6.47 low IR 5.8 probably would not of matched up here.

2:20 Southwell Boss Hog BSP 5.2 low IR 3.05

4:05 Southwell Guto BSP 16.09 low IR 7.6 Figaro made the two points although left this out.

6:00 Kempton Midnight Bay BSP 5.1 low IR 2.1

7:00 Kempton Goodbye Cash BSP 14.45 low IR 8.2

8:00 Kempton Non Runner

Not a bad afternoon , missed the only one probably not to match, although i don't know what price it was earlier . So onto tomorrow , will be on later with a look at Lingfield and Wolverhampton.

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