Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Review of the Day

Lost a little on the 2:00 as tried to double trade instead of sticking to the original selection.....

2:00 Southwell Angle of Attack BSP 8.02 low IR 1.41
                       Tri Chara BSP 15.61 low IR 15 

3:00 Southwell Non runner

3:30 Southwell Elusive Fame BSP 6.55 low IR 4.50 Got very lucky here as was layed to indicate how it ran.

4:00 Southwell Bel Cantor BSP 7.15 Won

4:30 Southwell Thewinnatakesitall  BSP not published yet was a high of 30 pre off got out at 28 went as low as 20 pre off think it went 19 IR at least i don't have to retire today.

On later with a look at Lingfield and Kempton ........................


  1. Well done supawizz.
    Look in most days.
    Slow and steady wins the race

  2. Cheers GGR look forward to any input during the flat season - Gluck to you and yours . Sup