Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Review of the Day

Have had somebody track the prices today ( read from the graph directly after race ) as i dont think Timeforms low IR are perfectly accurate on the Betfair results page...

Anyway a great day with a lot of low prices matched every one realising the 2 point trade margin except the last , which i am still seething for attempting now ( should have been a lay ) i can only presume its burning the gallops up at home and not bringing it to the races..............................

4:00 Lingfield Forward Feline BSP 8.26 low IR 4   REPORT = 12 pre off , low IR 3.2 for £75

4.30 Lingfield Bid For Glory BSP 13.5 low IR 2.88 REPORT =14 pre off , low IR 2.88 for £90

5:00 Lingfield Captain Cool BSP11 low IR 9.4 REPORT = 10.5 pre off , low IR 6 apparently there was £35 matched at 5.1 but presume this was when the market was formed. As there was a gap in price range.

5:10 Kempton Sir Haydn BSP 9.84 low IR 5 REPORT = 9.4 pre off , low IR 4.7 for £85

5.40 Kempton R Woody BSP 7.76 low IR 5.6 REPORT = 8 pre off , low IR 5.6 for £72

6:10 Kempton Glamorous Spirit BSP 3.90 low IR 1.5 REPORT = 4 pre off , low IR 1.5 for £3793

7:10 Kempton Non Runner

7:40 Kempton Old Devil Moon BSP 5.86 low IR 5.1 REPORT = 6.8 pre off , low IR 5.1 for £911 Could not believe this was 2nd favourite , gave it a miss when taking prices this morning as was alot shorter than expected . Then like a mug went in for small change and got what i deserved. No match.

As you can see there are discrepancies on the In Running lows on some of the races but i will have to stick to these prices as a guide to how the horses did as there is no way i can be  " live " throughout racing to watch all the lows.

Will be on later with a look at Southwell and Kempton............

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