Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Recovery Complete

Managed to scrape a v.small profit , if i had been greedy with the last a big profit. That i am afraid is not my style and small slow and steady is the game.

Here are the results:

2:10 Lingfield Bishopbriggs BSP 8.01 low IR 7.6 unmatched on this , as have already reported.

4:55 Lingfield Candyfloss Girl  BSP 6 Won

7:00 Kempton Methaaly  BSP 10 low IR 8  available 15/16 pre off , i recorded a low of 7.2 IR

8:30 Kempton Red Current BSP 24 low IR 1.5

Overall a pleasing day , with just the Bishopbriggs debacle to contend with psychologically.

On later with a look at Southwell and Kempton................

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