Thursday, 25 February 2010


A fairly successful day and have now some thinking to do as some selections are proving stronger than others and going very low in running . My thinking has always been between 10 & 20% of stake per trade and this has proved successful but as the bank has built there is now room for a wider range on the trades and the selections are proving the point. Obviously more risk is involved as some will not sink below the mark required thus losing total stake but i have always recovered from these positions with the strength of selection.

Maybe one to mull over for the future but will stick with what works for now.

The Results with my findings added :-

4.20 Southwell  Hits Only Jude BSP 5.06  Won  Available at 5.8 10 minutes pre off

4:50 Southwell  Kladester BSP 11.98 low IR 6.8 traded out pre off - was 7.4 at off

5:20 Southwell  Magic Haze BSP 9.11 low IR  7 Pre off high of 10.5 i recorded a 6.8 low

7:10 Kempton  Boldinor BSP 6.14 low IR 3.8 A pre off high of 9.2 backed down to 7 and below 5 mins before off.                          Spoof Master BSP 19.66 IR low of 1.08 Was available at 23 pre off .... nuff said.

7:40 Kempton  Little Pete BSP 4.84  Won  10 minutes before race was available at 7.8 backed down to 4.9 at the off.

8:10 Kempton  Mudhish BSP 13.44 low IR 12  Was available at 16 pre off , missed out here as was overly greedy , maybe proves a point as to the aforementioned comments.

Back on later with looks at Southwell and Wolverhampton .............


  1. Cracking stuff today m8.

    An old saying.

    If it ain´t broke, why try and fix it.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Cheers GGR,

    You are probably right . I think the last race proved the point to me. The general rambling on the review of the day was written up post 8:10 just waiting for the results to be added. Didn't feel a need to change it.

    Keep up the good work yourself...