Monday, 22 February 2010


A very tough , on the first of my week long holiday, day overall . Nothing came easy and felt like i was fighting for everything. Throughout racing have jotted down some prices which i will put down alongside the usual format for results.

2:40 Wolverhampton Micky's Knock Off  BSP 4.8 low IR 4.2  The horse was available at a high of 10 for £4 but a more reasonable 9.6 for £900 pre off . I myself traded out pre race and recorded him at a low IR of 4.1 for £55 and 4.2 for £354.

3:10 Wolverhampton Sotik Star BSP 3.63 low IR 3.05  available at a high of 5.5 for £19 and £106 at 5 the recorded low was 3.05  . Left this one alone as was too low for how i felt it would run, but the 2 point spread was there for the taking if lucky enough to get the prices.........

4:20 Wolverhampton Mighty Mover BSP 20 low IR 16  avalable at a high of 25 for £5 and 22 for £145 pre off and went to a low pre off of 15.5 . Traded out pre off here.

5:55 Wolverhampton Blue Charm BSP 49.92 low IR 40 available as high as 55 pre off and i recorded a low of 32 IR

2:55 Lingfield Wavertree Warrior BSP 4.50 low IR 1.07 available pre off 4.9 £26 and 4.7 £1112

4.05 Lingfield Bobs Dream Flight BSP 7.8  low IR 7.8 available pre off as high as 12.5 £216 and 11.5 £1504 recorded a low of 7.2 IR . Traded out pre off again here but the major problem was the jockey held him up, obviously not a going day and will watch for him in future.

So although a profit everthing was governed by margins , not so sure i enjoy sitting live as letting the bot do the work. Think the major problem today in hindsight apart from Wavertree was the selections were not as strong or did not run as expected.

Will be on later with a look at Lingfield.............

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