Saturday, 27 February 2010


An up and down day with everything matched but then getting drawn to Dundalk late on and losing a percentage of my days profit on the last two races ............... ridiculous really as i have learnt over the years it's no use going in blind, just a recipe for disaster, but so easily done.

2:30 Southwell Hypnotic Gaze BSP 4.13 low IR 4 left this one out and played Sadeek as thought it was rather low in comparison to General Tufto as they were fairly closely matched as mentioned in the preview.
                       Sadeek BSP  9.59 low IR 5 freely available at 14 + pre off and then gambled in the last 10 minutes or so. 

3:40 Southwell Magic Millie BSP 10.61 low IR 6.4

5:10 Wolverhampton Tag Team BSP 3.35 low IR 2.42

5:40 Wolverhampton Methaaly BSP 20.60 low IR 16.50

6:10 Wolverhampton Bookiesindex Boy BSP 6.02 low IR 3.75

7:40 Wolverhampton Sonhador BSP 9.44 low IR 8.8 again was gambled pre off

8:10 Wolverhampton Decider BSP 9.01 low IR 8.4 again available at higher price pre off and fairly sure went below 7 IR

Have the Lingfield card done will post in a bit.......

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