Tuesday, 23 February 2010


An awful start , followed by the recovery ...........

3:40 Lingfield Gallantry BSP 20.84 low IR 19.5 No match here ........ he just got going too late only beaten 2 & a 1/4 lengths . I just took this one on the chin , certainly one to watch for though.

4:10 Lingfield Goodbye Cash BSP 7.98 low IR 6 available pre off for 8.4 +  easy match

4:40 Lingfield Diane's Choice BSP 9.71 Won
                     Spoofmaster BSP 20.55 low IR 6.2 these two were successfully double traded.

5:10 Lingfield Non runner

V.Small gain today thanks to the double trade , will be on later with a look at Lingfield and Kempton.

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